Personal Information Policy : Aethera & Company Limited

November 17, 2006
Aethera & Company Limited
President & CEO  Taro Okada

Aethera & Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as ACL) places the utmost importance in its social responsibility to protect customers' personal information and handle that information appropriately. Therefore, we have established our "Basic Policy on Personal Information Protection," described below, to promote corporate activities while maintaining compliance.

Basic Policy on Personal Information Protection

  1. In handling personal information, ACL will observe all applicable laws and regulations, codes and guidelines, and ACL's internal rules, and periodically review the system for handling personal information with the intention of improving the system.
  2. ACL will provide education and enlightenment activities to its employees regarding the appropriate handling of personal information.
  3. ACL will neither collect nor use personal information about an individual without the consent of that individual.
  4. When collecting personal information, ACL will specify the purpose of use of that information. When an individual provides personal information to ACL through an interview at ACL, through the exchange of business cards, or through any other means, or if an individual gives ACL a business card or other information at an event, fair, seminar, or the like, ACL may use such personal information for its marketing activities including the promotion of ACL products and services by electronic mail, DM, and telephone, the supply of information, and face-to-face marketing except in those cases in which the individual specifically rejects these activities.
  5. When using personal information about an individual, ACL will use it only to the extent agreed upon by that individual.
  6. ACL will ensure the transparency and accuracy of all collected personal information.
  7. ACL will not supply personal information about an individual to a third party unless that individual consents to the supply of that personal information.
  8. ACL will accumulate and store collected personal information safely and under strict control.
  9. If the processing of personal information is outsourced to an external contractor, ACL will ensure that it is processed according to under ACL's strict control.

Protection of Personal Information on ACL's Web Site

Usually, customers are allowed to access ACL's web site without disclosing any of their personal information. It should be noted, however, that some of the contents and services on the web site may not be available unless customers provide personal information.

  1. Supply of personal information
    In principle, ACL will not collect any personal information from any customer without the consent of that customer. If a customer does not wish to supply personal information to ACL, that customer may choose not to supply personal information at his or her own discretion by, for example, not filling out an entry form.
  2. Purpose of the use of personal information
    If ACL requests that a customer provide personal information, ACL will declare the reason for needing that personal information to the customer beforehand. If a need arises at ACL to use that customer's personal information beyond the purpose of use previously declared to that customer, ACL will contact the customer to obtain his or her consent to the purpose of use. The customer is requested to consider the new purpose, but may choose to reject the request at his or her own discretion.
  3. Disclosure of personal information to third parties
    In principle, ACL will not supply or disclose any customer's personal information to a third party without the consent of that customer. In supplying and disclosing personal information with the consent of the customer, ACL will require the recipient to provide appropriate protection for that customer's personal information.
  4. Cookies
    ACL's web site contains pages that use a technology called "cookies" to improve the customer operability. The function of a "cookie" is to enable a Web server to store a very small amount of data on a customer's hard disk as a marker. Some pages use such "cookies" to reuse entered data and thus simplify the customer operation. A "cookie" alone cannot identify a customer. A customer can choose whether to receive "cookies" by changing his or her browser settings appropriately beforehand.
  5. Control of personal information
    ACL will apply appropriate protection measures for customers' personal information, and will take appropriate measures to ensure that personal information is used in accordance with the intention of our customers.
  6. Requests to correct and stop the use of personal information, complaints, and other requests
    If a customer requests the disclosure, correction, or stopping of the use of his or her personal information, makes a complaint, or has any other request, that customer is requested to contact ACL as described below. ACL will first confirm the customer's identity and then address the matter, and will respond to that request or complaint as seen fit.

Contact for the Handling of Personal Information

Aethera & Company Limited
Phone: +81-3-6247-5445
Or, email us at here.

ACL may revise the policy described above in accordance with any changes in the applicable laws and regulations, guides, guidelines, ACL internal rules, and so on. Should this occur, ACL will announce the revisions on this web site. We therefore recommend that you periodically check this web site.